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3rd December 2019

The Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP)

The Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP), introduced in April 2019, provided comprehensive indemnity for clinical negligence arising in NHS general practice relating to any incident which occurs on or AFTER 1st April 2019. We thought a round up of what you need to know about the CNSGP would be helpful.

28th November 2019

Medicine Shortages

LMC Conference Update

A motion demanding urgent action with regard to medicine shortages was passed at the LMC England Conference this week. In response to this, Krishna Kasaraneni, GPC England executive team member, said: “Drug shortages can happen for lots of different reasons, but they are undoubtedly getting worse and becoming a daily frustration for both GPs and our patients.  GPs often only know about shortages once a patient returns from the pharmacy needing an alternative prescription, which can not only add to our already crippling workload, but also, and most worryingly, delay patients’ treatment. The LMC Conference has therefore, acknowledged the benefits of giving pharmacists more control in prescribing safe and considered alternatives, and going forward, there must be systems in place to support pharmacists to ensure they have the necessary patient information to make informed decisions.” This motion was also reported on by the Pharmaceutical Journal.

28th November 2019



The Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, has this week announced plans for covering the costs of tax on the annual allowance for 2019/20. He has stated that the annual allowance tax charge for this financial year (for anyone that incurs it) will be covered via the scheme pays route and that when the individual retires and claims their pension, the NHS will pay to them the value of the tax charge for 2019/20 (including interest accrued), so covering the cost.


28th November 2019



The 2019 Salford and Trafford LMC AGM will be held on Monday 2 December 2019 at the AC Hotel by Marriott Manchester Salford Quays. An overview of LMC business will open proceedings. Guest speaker Chris Lawlor will provide an update from the General Medical Council, followed by a valuable insight into the impact of digital health providers on General Practice in London from Dr Jackie Applebee. For the full agenda and to register your place please go to: 

Please email with any dietary requirements by close of play on Friday 29 November.


25th November 2019

LMC 2019 Conference Updates

Large number of topics raised

There was an excellent turnout at last week's LMC 2019 Conference held in London and organised by Rachel McMahon, chair of conference. The webcast will be available shortly but in the meantime, if you would like to read Richard Vautrey's speech in full, please click on this link:

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