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1st September 2023

NICE News for Health and Social Care - September 23

Guidance and advice published in September 2023, to include:

30th August 2023

COVID vaccination programme update

NHS England has announced new changes to the previously published winter covid vaccination guidance, as part of an ‘accelerated programme’. Following the earlier notification of a reduction to covid fee payments, there will now be time limited ‘accelerated payments’ offered to bring forwardthe covid vaccination programme to 11 September for completion by the end of October (this relates to the enhanced fees and vaccination can continue after 31 October, but at the reduced IoS fee of £7.54). NHSE guidance states:

28th August 2023

Dr Jenny Walton's Retirement

Sent to Salford & Trafford GPs /PMs/PCNs

Dear All

We are writing to update you on a recent change to the LMC.  Some of you will already be aware that Dr Jenny Walton retired from the LMC at the end of July.  Jenny started her GP training in 1982, and became a GP partner in 1983, as well as working as an Occupational Consultant in Bolton during the mid 90’s.  

28th August 2023

NICE News for Health and Social Care - August 23

Guidance and advice published in August 2023, to include:

27th July 2023

NICE News for Health and Social Care - July 23

Guidance and advice published in July 2023...

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