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Our Events

We hold regular seminars in collaboration with LMC Law and other guest speakers for our Salford, Stockport and Trafford members. Places are free of charge and reserved via the Eventbrite links below once booking is live. Please see below for more details.

Up and Coming LMC Events:


TBC Coroners Update - New Legislation - Alison Mutch & Alan Walsh - Open to all members


Past Events:

2nd February 2023 1-2.30pm UK GDPR in general practice by LMC Law - Open to all members

25th May 2023  1-2.30pm  Contractual Arrangements within General Practice  by LMC Law - Open to all members 

27th October 2022 12-1pm Accelerated Access info session by Umar Sabat - Open to all GM GP practice staff

13th October 2022 1-2.30pm  Practical Employment Law Including Equality and Diversity by LMC Law - Open to all members

11th August 2022   1-2.30pm       A Journey Through the GP World (Bite sized) - by LMC Law - Open to all members

27th July 2022 7-8pm Pensions Seminar by Chase de Vere - Open to all members

24th March 2020  PARTNERSHIP GOVERNANCE SEMINAR - by LMC Law - Open to all members.

24th Mar 2020       Primary Care Networks - Q&A session - LMC Law - Open to Salford PCN Clinical Directors, Federation

29th Jan 2020       Mergers & Takeovers - Process & Issues - LMC Law - Open to all members

28th Nov 2019       Primary Care Networks - Q&A sessions - LMC Law - Open to Trafford PCN Clinical Directors, Federation, CCG

19th Nov 2019        Pensions & Taxation - Chase-de-Vere - Open to all members

2nd May 2019         2019/20 GP Contract including PCNs - Dr Krishna Kasaraneni, GPC Executive - Open to all members


Up and Coming GM Events:

Events organised by the Greater Manchester GP Excellence Programme and the GM Training hub are also available for Practice staff in Salford and Trafford. Please click on the links below for more information.

GM GP Excellence events

GM Training Hub events