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About Us

Representing around 75 Practices and 330 GPs, covering 500,000 registered patients in the Salford & Trafford area

Your Local Medical Committee

Salford & Trafford LMC operates across both Salford and Trafford representing in total, around 75 Practices and 330 GPs, covering a total population of 500,000 residents. We exist solely to represent, advise and support GPs and their Practices.

For more detailed information on the work of the LMCs please see GPC - The work of the LMC in England and Wales.

What is a Local Medical Committee?

LMCs vary in size and are a committee recognised by statute as the representative body for all General Practitioners and their Practices; whether GMS, PMS, principal, sessional, locum or registrar, the LMC is here for you and to represent you.

LMCs were first established in 1911 (when they were known as Local Panel Committees) and were the local representative voice of doctors. Over a hundred years later, LMCs remain the only locally elected and representative body for all General Practitioners. The LMC operates as the link between local GPs and their national negotiating body, the General Practitioners Committee (GPC). The GPC is an established and permanent Committee of the British Medical Association (BMA) and is recognised as the sole negotiating body for all NHS GPs.

The GPC is guided by policy decisions determined at the LMC Annual Conference. This is the main policy-making event where representatives from LMCs nationally debate motions which reflect local GP concerns and objectives. The LMC Conference is the body to whom the GPC is directly accountable.

Supporting You

Salford and Trafford LMC provide advice and support to assist GPs and their Practices. As an independent body, we act as an advocate and offer help on all matters relevant to general practice. The following list is not exhaustive, but demonstrates some of the areas in which the LMC can advise:-

  • professionally led regulation and professional standards including conduct and performance
  • occupational health issues
  • GP contracts
  • complaints
  • partnership issues
  • NHS regulations / legislation
  • policy from CCG, Council, NHS England, CQC or any other organisation
  • CQC compliance including turnaround
  • disputes between GPs and other bodies, eg CCGs, providers, other public bodies etc
  • medical reports / certification
  • premises / estates issues
  • education and training

And if your query is outside of the LMC knowledge and expertise, we are often able to signpost you to the most appropriate person.

Since November 2019 the LMC have had a retainer agreement with LMC LAW in place who provide advice and support to the LMC and our member practices. The services offered includes; 

Primary Care Networks Advice on all aspects of Primary Care Networks PCN schedules as part of the PCN network agreement, advice on structure, risk and staff sharing agreements including but not limited to contracts for the provision of clinical pharmacists, social prescribers, extended access, and any other type of service delivery. 

GP Contracts Advice on all aspects of GP Core contracts (GMS/PMS and APMS), including but not limited to: all subsidiary legislation, new amendments/updates, PMS reviews, terminations, closures, mergers and caretaking arrangements, enhanced services.  

Information Governance Advice in respect of GDPR, data protection, including but not limited to privacy notices, updates, Subject Access Requests, seminars and training, data sharing agreements, and general advice specific to healthcare. 

Corporate Commercial Advice  A robust and comprehensive service to assist federations in set up, sustainability, business management, corporate governance, internal policy, service level agreements with member practices and PCNs. They draft bespoke articles of association, and shareholder agreements, we also undertake corporate conversions to community interest companies.

Disputes and Litigation  All types of disputes (whether formal or informal) making every effort to resolve them in a practical and effective manner. They have access to experienced litigators, and arbitrators familiar with the healthcare and other commercial issues. 

*Partnership Agreements: Drafting and updates  Full partnership drafting service taking into account all new updates and clauses which reflect the relationship with the CCG and any provider arm company (at an additional cost to the partnership). Also offering reviews and addendums to existing agreements.

*Premises A robust service via their associate solicitor in respect of all commercial and NHS property work. This includes drafting and reviewing of leases, amendments, negotiation, transfers, and any other specific advice required (an additional cost may apply payable by the Practice).

In partnership with LMC Law, the LMC also offers regular seminars to members free of charge. For more details please see our events page. 

More information about LMC LAW and their services can be viewed on their website: 

Elected Members

There are 3 committees in total comprising of an Executive Committee, a Salford Subcommittee and a Trafford Subcommittee.

The LMC is a democratic organisation. Members are elected for a 3 year term of office and all GPs in our areas are invited to stand and to vote. All GPs across our areas are informed of forthcoming elections in advance and it is very easy to stand as you can self-nominate. If there are vacancies on the subcommittee the LMC can co-opt members mid-3 year term. On each of the subcommittees we look to have a minimum of 1 GP partner representative per neighbourhood, 1 Practice manager, 1 salaried GP and 1 sessional GP from across each locality.

The subcommittee members are then able to self-nominate in order to become an Executive Committee member once they have been on a Subcommittee for a minimum of one year.

The Executive Committee roles in addition to the employed Chief Executive Officer comprise of a Chair, Vice-chair and Secretary and are responsible for ensuring the LMC undertakes is regulatory obligations and represents Salford and Trafford General Practice in a multitude of forums (see external meetings section).

Both the Subcommittees meet 11 times a year to discuss policy and matters relevant to General Practice locally, as does the Executive.

The Subcommittee meetings have a standing agenda and invite updates from the CCG, Council, GP Federations, and Greater Manchester Health and Social Partnership, with the opportunity for special business consisting of issues brought to the attention of the LMC.

The Staff Team

In addition, we have a Finance and Administration Manager who supports the LMC Executive with financial and administration responsibilities, and a Business Support and Practice Advisor who has a varied portfolio supporting the LMC Executive and Practices alike.

If you would like to know what goes on at an LMC Meeting, you are welcome to attend a meeting as an observer at any time. To arrange a visit, please contact the LMC Secretariat who will be happy to organise a date with you. If you are keen to contribute and influence events in your local area, please contact us at any time to discuss the possibility of LMC membership, should there be a vacancy.

Representation at External meetings

In more recent years, the LMC has been invited to attend a number of meetings as a key stakeholder in Salford and Trafford. A member of the Executive is in attendance at the below meetings on a regular basis. This allows the LMC to be at the heart of the decision making process and provides the opportunity to influence and collaborate ensuring commissioning decisions are co-produced with the maximum benefit to patients and the health and social care system, ensuring an independent voice of General Practice is represented.


CCG Primary Care Commissioning Committee Part 1
Primary Care Operations Group Meeting
Practice Managers’ Forum
CCG Members Event
Salford Integrated Record Governance and Strategy Groups
Salford Primary Care Urgent Care Steering Group
Salford Neighbourhood Steering Group Meeting


GMHSP GP Excellence Working Group
GMHSP General Practice Board
The Association of Greater Manchester LMCs
LMC UK Conference
LMC England Conference
LMC Secretaries Conference


CCG Governing body
Council of Members meeting
TCCG Primary Care Commissioning Committee Part 1
Trafford Local Care Alliance Provider Board