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30th October 2019

IR35 rules are changing

IR35 and how locum GPs are affected

Matt Mayer, Deputy Chair of the Sessional GPs committee has just put together some helpful information highlighting that the rules on IR35 are changing and how locum GPs might be affected. Private, as well as public sector bodies will now be responsible for determining the employment status of their workers.  For more information, please click on the link here:


22nd October 2019

Transfer of clinical pharmacists to PCN DES

NHS England extends deadline

NHS England has extended the deadline for clinical pharmacists employed under the 'Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice Scheme' to transfer to working under PCN DES until 30 November 2019. This is to allow people more time to finalise the arrangements where a transition has been or was in the process of being agreed. After this date, any clinical pharmacists who have not transitioned to work as part of the PCN workforce delivering the duties outlined in the Network Contract DES will not longer be able to do so. 

22nd October 2019

Electronic prescriptions rolled out

From November, all GP prescriptions to be issued digitally

The roll out of the final phase of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) will be achieved on 18 November, with practices using TPP SystmOne and continue into next year with other system suppliers. Under the new system, patients who have nominated a pharmacy will continue to have their prescriptions sent electronically. Those who do not have a nominated pharmacy will receive a paper copy of their prescription that will include a barcode, which pharmacy staff will scan to download the electronic prescription from the NHS Spine.

20th October 2019

BMA apologises to female doctors over sexism

Independent enquiry brands BMA 'old boys' club'

The BMA have apologised to female doctors who have experienced sexism and sexual harassment after an independent enquiry described it as 'an old boys' club' that undervalued women.

The trade union which represents about 70% of Britain's 240,000 doctors, has promised sweeping reforms of its processes and culture in response to the findings, reported The Guardian on 20 October.

Daphne Romney QC found that some female medics and BMA personnel "feel they are undervalued, ignored and patronised because they are women. This applies to both doctors and members of (union) staff. This is because of an 'old boys' club' culture for some that lingers on without proper challenge, which treats women as of less importance and ability."

17th October 2019

Learning disability registers

Salford and Trafford practices encouraged to use guidance

NHS England have published new guidance for practices to ensure that learning disabilities registers are comprehensive and up-to-date and vulnerable patients are given the opportunity to receive flu vaccines and annual health checks. We encourage all our practices to use this regularly to review their learning disabilities registers to ensure they are up-to-date so that the right patients are being invited to attend vaccinations and clinics.

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