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21st August 2019

Safeguarding Reports

Further explanations on the scope of CNSGP for Salford and Trafford

Following further discussions on some of the finer definitions of the scope of CNSGP in England, it has been agreed with DHSC and NHS Resolution that the compiling of safeguarding reports for NHS patients will now be including within the scope. It was initially thought that as these reports can be chargeable under collaborative fees arrangements they should be deemed to be private work and therefore out of scope. However, the case was made that these are statutory reports which should be reimbursed by the system rather than as a private service to patients. 

15th August 2019

Cannabis Consultation

NICE medicinal cannabis consultation - draft guidance

Pulse has just reported on the NICE consultation on their draft guidance on prescribing medicinal cannabis.  It proposes to introduce shared care agreements, in which the initial prescriber is a specialist doctor and then the subsequent prescriber could be healthcare professionals, including GPs.  We are aware that this is a new and specialist area of treatment and prescribing and therefore requires specialist teams to be involved in properly assessing, and then if appropriate, treating and monitoring relevant patients. This would be the case for any very specialist drug and much remains to be seen as we move forward. The way to improve access to this assessment and treatment will be to properly resource specialist services and enable hospital services to access electronic prescribing systems.  The GPC and BMA will be responding to the consultation.  


15th August 2019

Digital first consultation

Consultation process open until 31st August 2019

The NHS England consultation process on Digital First is open for comments until 31st August 2019 and we would encourage you all to respond.  GPC England has now submitted a response.  The paper sets out proposed changes to patient registration, funding and contracting rules and makes suggestions for tackling workforce shortages, particularly in under-doctored and deprived communities.  The GPC England response makes clear the out of area regulations should be withdrawn as they allow digital providers to profit by prioritising largely healthy patients and short-term care rather than delivering a comprehensive service for patients with more healthcare needs and providing continuity of care for all in a local population.

14th August 2019

Pensions Reform

Proposed changes to improve the NHS Pension scheme

The Government has announced a number of proposed changes to improve the NHS Pension scheme, including a consultation on pension flexibility, a commitment to review the impact of the Annual Allowance taper and guidance to employers setting out how existing flexibilities can be used to ensure doctors do not lose out.  The BMA has led the change against damaging tax legislation and in response to the announcement, Chaand Nagpaul, BMA Council Chair, said: "We acknowledge this step forward by the Government."  However, he went on to say: "The new proposed flexibilities will provide short-term relief for many doctors, but they themselves do not tackle the core and underlying problem."


1st August 2019


New guidelines on Firearms licences for Salford & Trafford

The Home Office has published a consultation on draft guidelines for police issuing firearms licences. This will ensure officers are consistently checking applicants' medical fitness to hold a licence and have signed an agreement with the BMA and will provide greater protection for GPs who choose to place a firearms flag on the medical record.

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