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17th September 2019

Brexit and Tier 2 Sponsorship

New immigration system comes into force in Jan 2021

Whether we have a deal or no-deal Brexit, a new immigration system is due to come into force in January 2021. This will not distinguish between EEA and non-EEA nationals. Obtaining a Tier 2 sponsorship license is the recommended step towards future-proofing general practices in Greater Manchester from a workforce perspective and ensuring they are able to hire non-UK nationals once the UK has left the European Union. Please ensure that any of your practice staff affected by this know how to find the correct information and encourage them to ensure that any EU nationals currently working in practice (and their family members) have applied for the EU Settlement Scheme. 

In addition, consider applying for a Tier 2 sponsorship license to support future workforce requirements whilst NHSE reimbursements are available.

NOTE: We are currently awaiting further information on whether GP's will be added to the shortage occupation list.