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17th September 2019

Additional roles reimbursement - Guidance for PCNs

Letter to commissioners from Robert Kettell, Deputy Director

Guidance for PCN additional roles reimbursement has been published in a letter to Commissioners from Robert Kettell, Deputy Director of Primary Care Networks at NHS England.  The guidance provides detailed advice on how CCGs should assess reimbursement claims from PCNs, including the principles for additionality. The guidance also sets out the actions that PCNs and CCGs are expected to take if they are not planning to use the full additional roles reimbursement funding in 2019/20, and clarifies that additional roles reimbursement funding cannot be used outside the terms of the DES (including, for example, higher levels of reimbursement for costs not specified in the DES).  Also available within the letter is information on: Data sharing agreements, data processing, and recording PCNs in CQRS by CCGs.

Full details  are available at:-