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31st October 2019

GMC support for GPs as specialists

Single advanced practice register called for

The chair of the GMC, Dame Clare Marx, speaking at RCGP Conference in Liverpool, reiterated the organisation's support for GPs to be recognised as specialists. She welcomed the initiative led by GPC UK and the RCGP and committed to work together to actively encourage the DHSC to bring all medics together on a single advanced practice register. She said: "There still is, within the medical community, some very old fashioned snobbery about GP training (and recognising GPs as specialists) would simplify the structure and make crystal clear the parity of expertise across UK general practice."

She also called for the legislation governing how overseas GPs apply to join the UK register to be changed, which could make 'a signficant difference' to the GP workforce, and said she wanted to see more support for international medical graduates. Her full comments were reported in GPonline which you can read here: