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13th June 2022

Healthwatch Stockport 'While you wait' survey open

Healthwatch has launched a national campaign to understand peoples experiences whilst they wait for treatment following the Covid Pandemic. They understand many people have had  their operations, treatment and appointments cancelled or delayed, in fact the latest data shows that the number of people waiting for routine operations and procedures in England is at its highest level since 2007 – currently at 5.45 million.


The LMC finds there is a misconception amongst many that their GP Practice is either responsible for the delay, or have the ability to reduce their wait. As GP practices are one of the few familiar faces for patients, they often encounter the understandable  frustration  patients have when waiting for an appointment or surgery from what is often a 'faceless' organisation. 



There are now a number of resources directly available to patients who are waiting for treatment.

These include:


Stockport Healthwatch has also launched a survey and would like to hear from Stockport residents on their experience whilst they wait for treatment. You can access the survey here