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10th November 2020

Urgent preparing for general practice to contribute to a potential COVID-19 vaccination programme

The BMA General Practitioners Committee in England has now agreed with NHS England and NHS Improvement the general practice COVID-19 vaccination service which will be commissioned in line with agreed national terms and conditions as an enhanced service (ES).


The letter and accompanying annexes published on 9th November outline the provisional details of what is likely to be asked of General Practice by NHSE once the vaccine becomes available. 

The full Service Specification has not yet been released but is expected later this month. 

Alongside the specification, a set of documents will be published to support practices, where they agree to participate in the enhanced service, to plan for and deliver the service including, but not limited to:

  • clinical guidance
  • template COVID-19 Vaccination Collaboration Agreement to support practices to put in place appropriate arrangements under the Enhanced Service for premises, data sharing, financial arrangements, subcontracting arrangements (as required), etcfurther operational guidance including a standard operating procedure with details on ordering vaccinations, reporting arrangements and payment processes, etc
  • staff sharing agreement/template honorary contract for additional staff employed
  • frequently asked questions.

The letter and annexes published on the 9 November can be found below :

Official letter

Annex A

Annex B


Other useful info:

RCGP/BMA: Workload Prioritisation Nov 20