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8th October 2021

Inappropriate Workload Survey is Live

Due to the unprecedented demand placed on General Practice prior to and during the Covid 19 response, the LMC has launched a survey for Salford and Trafford Practices to complete,  as many of you are working far in excess of safe and acceptable limits.

The survey went live on Tuesday 5th October asking for details on the inappropriate workload shift from other providers to General Practice, and can be accessed via the below link. 

Survey for Salford and Trafford GP Practices on Inappropriate workload shift


Whilst we are reluctant to add further to the huge load already placed on General Practice, we are encouraging our Practices to complete the 10 minute questionnaire with as much detail as possible, in order us to raise and address the issues on their collective behalf. 

Examples of inappropriate workload requests include:

1. Providers asking GPs to arrange blood tests following an appointment, including virtual review

2. Providers asking GPs to arrange x-rays and scans following an appointment, including virtual review

3. Providers asking GPs to prescribe medications following an appointment, including virtual review

4. Providers asking GPs to prescribe sedatives ahead of procedure/scans

5. Radiologists/Consultants asking GPs to re-refer a patient for a repeat x-ray in 4-6 weeks

6. Providers advising patients to contact GP to obtain a result following an investigation requested by them such as MRI scan, echocardiogram, 24 hour tape

7. Patients who have been seen in A+E being advised to contact GP for further assessment but no information is provided to the GP

8. Patients who are instructed by a Provider to contact their GP to request a re-referral letter marked ‘urgent’ to circumvent the waiting lists

9. A Provider recommending a GP make a referral to another specialty within the same Trust, sometimes but not always  because they don't have access, instead of referring patient internally

10. Microbiology results forwarded to practice by the Provider who requested the test, without any clinical information

11. Lengthy delays in receiving test results and letters following outpatient review creating patient anxiety and multiple patient contacts with practice

12. Providers asking GPs to prescribe, initiate, administer or monitor specific drugs which sit outside of a GPs competency with or without an agreed shared care protocol

13. The survey also asks about the frequency such requests are made and by whom including but not limited to Manchester Foundation Trust, Salford Royal Foundation Trust, Bolton Royal  Community services, GM Mental Health, and other providers