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5th August 2021

Greater Manchester August Workforce update

The Workforce team at GMHSP circulate a monthly update containing useful information on training events and all things GM Workforce related. 

The August edition which can be found here contains information on:


• Annual Seasonal Influenza Training 2021/22 available to all vaccinators: (see slide to book a place)

• GPN Forum 20th July; miss the event? Watch GM Primary Care and Community Nursing Forum 20/07/2021 - Greater Manchester Primary Care Careers (

• Practice Managers Forum 22nd July, watch back: Peer support - Greater Manchester General Practice Careers (  Register for a place to join us in August and September:

• New To Primary Care Programme: General Practice Ready Programmes (GMTH), Ask an ARRS HR Question, Webinars, Podcasts (see below) and ARRS Connect -  See slide

• PCKB Podcast: Primary care Knowledge Boost: Just released: Pharmacy Technicians in Primary Care. listen to all the podcast at: Primary Care Knowledge Boost (

• GM Health and well being tool kit available

• GM Workforce Bank: GP, Nurse, Admin/Receptionist and Vaccination Workforce Bank all available on Lantum plus e-rostering tool; sign up 

• The Black Health Improvement Programme (BHIP): Culturally appropriate education, training and support package designed for primary care staff and other healthcare professionals. Further information and FAQ:  bhip_faq.pdf ( 

• Do you have a General Practice vacancy? GM has a number of nurses and GP’s looking for roles; need help with recruitment? Register your vacancy here: Jobs - Greater Manchester General Practice Careers (

• Tier 2; GM have help and support available for employers to navigate the process as well as funding to reimburse the costs. Need help and support registering? Contact

• HCSW programme; Offers available for Foundation, enhanced and apprenticeship programmes – see slide

• GPN Foundation Programme for new to and newly qualified nurses in Primary Care – June’21 and September’21 Cohort’s now open• GP and GPN Fellowship available to all newly qualified GP’s and Nurses (see GMTH offers)

• GM COVID Passport – 322 (1/8/21) Approved vaccinators available to support programme. An up to date list can be request from

• HEE 3 step GP Trainer Journey; want to get involved, see the slide or contact gptraining.nw@hee.nhs.ukGM Careers Platform: Various sections are now live. Careers - Greater Manchester General Practice Careers (